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Some producers like to sell directly off their farm while some prefer the local auction.  In Arkansas, producers have their choice but like all markets, it is best to understand both the unique market location as well as the market price fluctuations that impact prices.

Some terminology and information that is useful to producers:

  1. Scrapies tags – all goat sold in Arkansas markets are required to have scrapies tags. If your goats do not have scrapies tags, then the auction will tag the goats for you and charge a small fee for that service.  You should be familiar with that fee per goat before you take your stock.  If you have already placed your own scrappie tags, make sure you have a list ready to hand to the auction workers who are unloading at the sale barn.
  2. Commission fee/yardage –
  3. Vet fees
  4. Other fees
  5. Do you want to wait for your check or have it mailed?

And finally, remember that when it is time to load and unload, that the auctions cater to the large buyers who will often purchase the majority of the stock at each sale. These buyers are often recruited to come to auctions and their presence can impact prices.  Each buyer will focus on certain criteria and their preferences often set the regional pricing that can raise or lower the price for different types of goats.  The sale barn will often reserve special seats for these buyers and will give them priority at load-out time.

Goat auctions and markets in Arkansas are spread across the state.  Some livestock sale barns will run goats through to start a sale and will only offer two or three dozen per week.  While the largest largest weekly goat auction location in the state is Salem (Fulton County) near the Missouri border and will sell hundreds of sheep and goats every week.  A monthly auction in Beebe draws hundreds of head of sheep and goats every month.  Market has it’s own distinct characteristics and producers have to do their homework to find one that makes the most sense to their operations profitability.

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